LMBC Cemetery

Director: Randy Drake

The Rules for the Cemetery at Little Mountain Baptist Church




  1. No Grave shall be opened without the permission of the Cemetery Committee.
  2. All graves must be paid for in full before they are opened.
  3. A vault must be used by everyone buried at Little Mountain Baptist Cemetery.
  4. No railing, curbing, fencing, shrubbery, or flowers other than cut or potted flowers will be allowed.
  5. No grave shall have foot markers (except military)
  6. Only one flower at a time is allowed time after the burial service.
  7. The church will not be responsible for damages to any grave markers.
  8. Those responsible for opening of grave are required to see to it that the surplus dirt is moved below the road around the cemetery after the funeral.
  9. Anyone purchasing cemetery plots cannot transfer or resale the plot without the approval of the cemetery committee.
  10. All money received for the cemetery plots will be used for upkeep and improvements to the cemetery.
  11. Only flat and level markers will be permitted.
  12. Markers should be no more than 57” long and 17” wide. All markers should have attached vase or vases.
  13. The price will be $300 per grave for all LMBC active member’s and immediate family. This includes spouse, and unmarried children of LBMC.
  14. The price for non-member plots will be $700 per grave.
  15. A down payment of one third the price of the grave is required when purchasing a plot in advance. For members that equals $100 per plot and non-members that equals $233.34 per plot.
  16. The balance of the plot or plots will be due within one year of the purchase date.
  17. The cemetery committee reserves the right to resale any plot at is not paid in full after one year from the original sale date.
  18. The cemetery committee shall make a financial report annually or as needed by the church monthly.
  19. Any questions or concerns regarding the cemetery maybe discussed with the cemetery committee. If further discussion is needed the Deacons will address the matter, followed by the church.
  20. No grave maker can be set without the presents of a committee member.
  21. A grave maker is to be in place at the grave within 90 days of the burial.